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CRFS provides best-in-class solutions for radio spectrum monitoring, management and geolocation. CRFS is recognized by those in the know as truly "best in class" - our RFeye systems are deployed worldwide by regulatory, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

What do we mean by new generation monitoring & geolocation? 


New generation monitoring & geolocation

 CRFS is at the forefront of new technology for distributed monitoring and geolocation featuring wideband receivers with fast sweep speeds and best-in-class noise figures and phase noise.New generation solutions combine the best available hardware with the most advanced real-time and post-event measurement and analysis tools.Our RFeye® systems are compact, rugged, modular, plug and play, weatherproof and have extended temperature ranges.Our state-of-the-art software tools feature advanced 2D and 3D mapping and geolocation, utilize machine learning techniques, and provide simulation and training modes.Last but not least, new generation solutions must be affordable and CRFS offers outstanding value for money without compromise to performance. We can tailor solutions to individual budgets.



CRFS provides best-in-class solutions for radio spectrum monitoring, management and geolocation. CRFS is recognized by those in the know as truly "best in class" - our RFeye systems are deployed worldwide by regulatory, military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Monitoring Example

Capturing high speed bursty RF signals with RFeye node

Geolocation Example

AOA Geolocation with RFeye software

RF monitoring in the fight against crime.

People and drug smuggling across borders and by sea, urban crime, homeland security threats – all will often carry wireless signatures from the bad guys’ communications devices or GPS jammers, that can be detected, analyzed and acted upon. Systems like RFeye are highly effective for intercepting and geolocating “rogue” signals both in dense RF urban environments and along unmanned borders and coastlines.

Use cases

  • Monitor unmanned borders, coastlines and harbours
  • Track and geolocate GPS jammer and rogue transmitters
  • Monitor law enforcement offices for criminal eavesdropping
CRFS Law Enforcement


CRFS Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum Monitoring

Spectrum monitoring, as implemented in our London campaign, enables GPS jammers to be detected and located. Analysis of frequency spectra to determine duration of interference and signal type can also be used as an indication of whether the interference is accidental or deliberate.

Wide Area Monitoring

RFeye® systems are the state of the art for wide area monitoring and geolocation applications.

Imagine an automated RF monitoring system deployed over a wide area of interest. It allows you to schedule missions using a calendar. It tells you when an unexpected or anomalous signal has been detected, identifies the type of signal using the latest machine learning classification techniques, geolocates the source of the transmission using advanced 2D and 3D geolocation algorithms, records and logs the data to a secure web accessible database and sends real-time alerts to the relevant authorities.

CRFS Wide Area Monitoring
CRFS Military

Are you in command of the spectrum?

CRFS is recognized as a best-in-class COTS supplier by several leading defense forces and our RFeye ® systems are widely deployed. We are a long-term partner and work closely with forces to provide specific solutions. The RFeye’s well documented open architecture enables integration with existing systems. CRFS delivers innovation, rugged high performance and outstanding value for money.

Use cases
  • Build EM situational awareness in real time and post-event
  • Monitor conflict areas and hostile neighbors
  • Detect potential threats with very high probability of intercept
  • Plan and manage tactical spectrum operations, including in spectrum denied or constrained areas
  • Plan and manage frequency allocations or ensure spectral purity on spectrum-critical sites
  • Manage military spectrum sharing with commercial users
  • Resolve noise and interference issues fast and efficiently
  • Geolocate rogue transmitters in complex spectrum environments
  • Support effective communications, test, training, telemetry, command and control
  • Track aircraft using 3D TDOA passive tracking

Secure Facilities

Be sure no-one is listening!The threat from RF surveillance and exfiltration is on the increase with ever more cheap bugging devices easily available on the internet and ever more sophisticated non-commercial devices hard to detect. High value targets such as embassies, secure work areas, meeting rooms, VIP residences are at risk. CRFS provides cost-effective in-building continuous monitoring solutions for government, industry and private citizens.

Use cases
  • Monitor 24/7 and alert presence of any unknown transmissions
  • Discriminate signals originating from outside the building/facility to reduce false alarms
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) for:
    • Embassies
    • Government buildings
    • Intelligence agency and law enforcement buildings
    • Corporate HQs and meeting rooms
    • Secure Work Areas
    • VIP privacy
CRFS Secure Facilities


Showing a live network of RFeye nodes deployed in wide area scenario in US and UK, plus "in-building" TSCM solution at the CRFS UK HQ.


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